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1/4 Beef

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Fill up your freezer with a 1/4 beef!

You will get approximately 100 pounds of take-home product, steaks, roasts, burger, etc. This is an approximate amount because every animal is unique in size and shape. We will not give you any offal, unless requested.

This is your take-home no additional cost whatsoever price. Processing, dry aging, cutting, and packaging are all included. 

With a 1/4 beef you will get approximately 50% in burger. The other 50% consists of steaks, roasts, short ribs, fajita meat, and stew meat

Your beef will be cut according to our standard cut list, so you are getting the same quality as what we sell through our retail store. If you would like to add additional cuts (brisket, prime rib, steaks, etc.) to your order you can purchase them upon pickup at 5% off full retail.

Beef shares are only available for pickup at our store in Columbus, MT. We do not offer shipping on bulk beef due to expense.