Witt Family-Park City, MT

Almost 10 years ago, we purchased four baby pigs to help teach our four
children some responsibility and to grow our own meat and know where it
comes from. We never imagined how much our operation would grow! We
consistently strive to grow high-quality, nutritious pork that has exceptional
texture and flavor.
Our family begins with Steve and Lindsay, and our 4 beautiful children,
Gage, Macy, Weston, and Lane. The kids definitely take ownership in the
operation and have been instrumental in its success. All of our children are
involved in 4H and successfully breed and sell show pigs as well. The two
youngest, Weston and Lane, have taken the reigns and manage the day to
day operations with some guidance from their dad.
We take pride in the fact that our hogs are locally grown on our farm in
Park City, MT. Our feed is mixed on-site, and we are fortunate to source
our grain from our neighboring farming family, Lowell Angus. Mixing our
own feed allows us to mange quality and nutritional value. We are working
with Better Fed Foods and began incorporating an Omega 3 supplement in
our feed to improve animal health and meat quality. We are seeing great
results in the meat’s flavor and texture. All of the meat sourced for M Ranch
are 100% antibiotic and medication free.
We are excited to partner with M Ranch Meats and for you to experience
our premium pork products. You won’t be disappointed as we go the extra
mile to make sure our customers are satisfied and return again and again.