Our Mission

Since starting M Ranch in 2019, we have made it our mission to bring together other local meat producers under one roof in our retail store, located in Columbus, MT. We wanted to provide a one-stop-shop where our customers can confidently shop for locally produced, humanely raised, wholesome meat. 

We guarantee our livestock, and our partners livestock, to be free of added growth hormones and unnecessary vaccines. However, if an animal does become sick, we believe it is only ethical and humane to treat and care for the animal to the best of our ability. When we do have to intervene on the health of any animal, we then take that animal out of the meat program, as we want our customers to have complete confidence in our product! All animals are fed a strict vegetarian diet, this means they are not fed anything with animal byproducts, EVER. We believe that if it’s not necessary to the health of the animal and the consumer, it shouldn’t be done, and we won’t do it.

When searching for, and partnering with, other producers we hold them to the same product standards that we hold ourselves. This helps us provide our customers with the best, highest quality products that we can be proud to offer.

If you aren’t a local, no problem! We are happy to offer shipping to all the lower 48 states. Our goal is to not only provide our local community with high quality meats, but to also make them accessible to folks all across the country.

We are M Ranch and we promise to provide you with high quality, healthy, local meat, because that’s what we do… Meat.