Frozen Chicken

Sourced from Black Dog Farm-Livingston Montana
Whole Chicken $6.50 per pound
Each bird is about 3.5 to 4.5 pounds.
Half Chicken $7.00 per pound
Drumsticks $15 per package
Each pack comes with 4 sticks
Spatchcock Chicken $6.75 per pound
If you would like to add chicken to your order, please call or text ahead of time so we can add it to your order with the total price.

Pasture-raised heritage breed chickens are much different from conventional, fast growing chickens you find in the supermarket and require a bit of attention when cooking. They naturally have a bit more “texture” and darker dark meat than conventional chickens but cooked properly, yield a juicy chicken full of flavor. Here are our recommendations:

  • You do not want to “slow roast” these birds. You want high temperature (375-400F in the oven or grill) for a short amount of time. A 4# bird will cook in 45-60 minutes.

  • For a simple roast or grilled whole chicken, we recommend the Spatchcock or Butterfly method. This ensures even cooking and an entirely crispy skin. We put plenty of butter under the skin (you can also add herbs). Do not be overwhelmed by cutting out the backbone - it is quite easy once you’ve done it! 

  • Other ways to cook include slow cooking in a crockpot or pressure cooking. You can put a whole frozen chicken in an InstantPot for 90 minutes and you are left with fall-off-the-bone shredded chicken that can be then added to enchiladas, curries, BBQ sauce, stir fries, or other saucy dishes. You can also pop your chicken in the slow cooker in the morning. If it is too big, consider piecing it beforehand. Many recipes that call for chicken breasts or thighs can use a whole chicken in this way.

  • You can cut up a whole chicken into individual pieces (find a YouTube video if you’ve never done it before) and roast with vegetables or marinate in BBQ sauce for the grill.

  • Another popular method for cooking our chickens is doing a beer can chicken on the grill.