Who and What is M Ranch Meats?

M Ranch Meats was started by us, Jerry and Heather Mico, in 2019. It wasn’t until 2020 that the business became a reality and officially launched in 2021.

Since our grand opening in 2021 we have been seeking out other meat producers to bring our customers a wide selection of delcouse meats. We now carry beef, chicken, seafood, lamb, and , coming 2023, pork! We make sure all our partners practice the same ethics and standars as we do with our cattle.

We have our local storefront in Columbus MT, and we ship nationwide(minus Hawaii and Alaska)

We are M Ranch Meats and we promise to provide you with high quality, healthy, meat, because that’s what we do. Meat.

Flavor is in the Details

  • No Added Hormones

    None of the animals ever receive added hormones, including steroids

  • Ethically Raised Animals

    We treat our animals humanely and in a way that guarantees growth and success in the future generations.

  • Montana Sources

    All meat is single sourced from local entrepreneurs

  • No Antibiotics

    Meat sold through us are never treated with antibiotics, ever

  • Processed in Montana

    All meat (aside from seafood) is processed and packaged by a local USDA inspected butcher shop

  • Know What's On Your Plate

    We want to know where our food comes from just as much as you! We strive to keep an open relationship with our producers and customers

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